February 10 2018

Race Information
Registration Deadline is Jan. 31 2018
Early Registration is appreciated and will save you money. It makes it easier for us to plan for the 
race if you register early.  Entries are accepted up to the day of the race but an additional $20 will 
be added.  Entry Forms must be post-marked by January 31st, 2014 otherwise the $20 late
registration will be required.

Race Classes

8 Dog Pro Class   60 miles   
Race will begin in Remer, and run to Outing.  There will be a 
 1 Hr plus time differential layover in Outing before finishing back to Remer on a different trail

The day will begin with a mandatory 7:30am musher meeting at the Woodmans Cafe in Remer.  Vet and bag check to follow with first teams leaving at
9:30 or 10:00am

**Start times will be determined by the order of registration/entry forms received.

75 entry fee

6 Dog Recreational Class   30 miles  
Race starts in Outing and finishes in Remer
11:00am mandatory musher meeting at the Village Inn in Outing with vet and bag check to follow.  12:30pm start time

**Start times will be determined by the order of registration/entry forms received.
$35 entry fee


The awards ceremony will take place at the Remer Fire Hall shortly after the race is finished
Your presence is required for collecting any awards you have coming.

***Drivers must attend musher meeting prior to race***

Mandatory Gear For All Classes:
  Compass, Adequate sled bag, Sleeping bag;  Ax;  First Aid Kit;  Knife;  Snow hook, Cable Cutters if running cable lines;  Dog Booties (One set per dog plus extras);  Dog Food & Snacks (amount left up to the individual musher);  Head Light & Flasher for leaders; Proof of vaccinations

Important Note:  8 Dog teams leaving Outing for Remer may not be allowed to continue if it is felt the
dogs are not making satisfactory progress.  This is for the benefit of the dogs as well as our
race volunteers and help.  The Chief Judge will make this determination.


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