Mid-Minnesota 150
February 10, 2018

Entry Form

Mail with your check payable to Mid MN 150:

Al Larson
3408 Beauty Lake Rd.
Pillager, Minn. 56473

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8 Dog Pro Class  60 miles

6 Dog Recreation Class  30 miles $35

Please Use Separate Sheet for more than one driver.

Team Owner Team Driver  
Jr. Age 
Address Address
City/State/Zip City/State/Zip
Phone Phone
EMail Email

Mandatory Gear For All Classes:
  Compass, Adequet sled bag, Sleeping bag;  Ax;  First Aid Kit;  Knife;  Snow hook, Cable Cutters if running cable lines;  Dog Booties (One set per dog plus extras);   Dog Food & Snacks (amount left up to the individual musher);  Head Light & Flasher for leaders; Proof of vaccinations

: I agree to be responsible for my conduct, the conduct of my dogs and handlers and to abide by any decisions made by race officials. I shall not hold the sponsors, land owners, race officials, volunteer help, snowmobile clubs, The municipal cities or the Mid-Minnesota 150 Race Committee liable for any injury to myself, my dogs, my equipment or my handlers.  I am personally responsible for any injury to myself or my dogs, or damages to my equipment.

I agree to allow my team of dogs to be drug-tested. Should any of my dogs die at the race, I will release them to the race committee. My signature authorizes race officials to test this team for drugs.

Owner's Signature ______________________________________ 

Driver's Signature  ______________________________________

Entry Fee (U.S. FUNDS) Enclosed  $______________________          

Please make checks payable to Mid MN 150 and mail to:
Al Larson
3408 Beauty Lake Rd
Pillager, MN 56473